About Toquade Marketing

From brand positioning to ecommerce shopping experiences to multi-channel marketing campaigns, we strive to create emotional connections with your consumers. Today’s consumers want to connect with brands they believe in; brands that share their passions and have a clear point of view. When that magical connection occurs, consumers are more likely to make a purchase and share their love for your brand with their friends and family.

That’s where Toquade fits in. In the French language, une toquade reflects a passion, a sudden taste or even an infatuation for something or someone. It’s that certain je ne sais quoi that keeps us coming back for more. And just like that, une toquade has become one of our guiding principles.

  1. A passion for something or someone

  2. A keen and sudden taste for a person or a thing; an infatuation

  3. A penchant, liking or friendship towards someone or something

Meet Our Founder

Laurie Penn-Moyer

Laurie is a seasoned marketing professional who enjoys balancing classic marketing intelligence with contemporary digital marketing techniques. She has a passion (une toquade) for learning what makes people tick and for developing marketing strategies that capture their hearts and minds.

In addition to leading ecommerce and integrated marketing efforts at Benefit Cosmetics and social media at Stella & Dot, Laurie has served as a brand strategy consultant to a variety of global consumer product companies. This eclectic background has provided her with a proven track record for generating both creative and strategic business solutions for multi-channel brands.

Laurie holds a Master of International Management from Thunderbird and an MBA from Arizona State University. She spent her undergraduate years at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she studied International Relations and French.

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." - Benjamin Franklin