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Consumer trends and technologies change faster than you can say sounds Gucci.” How do brands stay ahead of the curve while also remaining true to their values and distinctive from the competition?

Toquade helps brands of all sizes invent or evolve their marketing strategies to more effectively connect with consumers. The majority of our work is done in-house, but we’re always happy to leverage our diverse network of partners to ensure our clients receive a solution tailored to their unique needs.

Research & Discovery

Marketplace & brand audits

Website audits

Market segmentation

Competitive analysis

Brand audits & SWOT analysis

Visual audits

Consumer research & analysis

Strategy & Positioning

Brand strategy & positioning

Brand voice

Messaging strategy

Naming & copy writing

Brand architecture

Brand revitalization

Growth strategy

Digital & Ecommerce

Ecommerce strategy

Website design & development

Website merchandising

Social media strategy

Integrated marketing plans

Omnichannel marketing plans

Integrated Marketing

Unified experience for consumers

Omnichannel marketing

Business communications

Employee communications

“Laurie skillfully combines savvy and innovative marketing chops with a fun, exciting energy. She is high-value contributor, equally adept at ideation and execution - and manages to do it all with the kind of attitude everyone wants on their team. In a fast-paced, drama-filled environment, she managed to be a clear, calm thinker who delivered beyond expectations and helped to make the entire workplace better.”
Grady Baker, Director of Agency Services at Contrast Designworks (formerly Marketing Manager at Benefit Cosmetics)